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ABEMA auf Nintendo Switch

ABEMA: TV apps released on Nintendo Switch in Japan – ntower

In terms of the number of VOD applications, the Nintendo Switch cannot hold a candle to other systems of current generation consoles. We recently unexpectedly a Twitch-off Given (We were informed) And can enjoy YouTube videos on the Nintendo console – but still no traces of popular streaming providers.

It was the same in Japan – to this day. At On December 23rd Starting Japanese television application “ABEMA”. ABEMA, along with other companies, is taking over video distribution in Japan with the aim of “updating the television of the future”. According to its own reports, it is traditionally a 24-hour news broadcasting service with a total of 20 channels, including news, sports, entertainment and animation. Now the Nintendo Switch connects with other end devices. Prior to that, ABEMA was already accessible on smartphones, home computers, tablets and televisions. Players outside of Japan will find it very difficult to access the app because they are the only ones available Japanese Nintendo eShop Available. A user Reddit It was really a success and he shares his experiences:

Can be used without living in Japan

For this he used Japanese Nintendo account And downloaded the app. To get started, he does not need to constantly switch accounts: he can start the application from other accounts on the console without any problems. After asking the application age, gender and preferred categories, the user can start. Provided by ABEMA Lots of content for free Available, but one enabled By Paul. 960 Japanese Yen or less 7.40 Euro, Users can enter a Premium-Abo Fill in all the content and enjoy. User tried Japanese cartoon. To do Charging time of a few minutes He started this – but of course everything is only in Japanese. Since he did not speak the language, he used the real-time translation of his mobile phone to read subtitles.

In general, this news gives us hope that Nintendo will bring Nintendo Switch to other streaming services.

Are you going to try ABEMA? And does this news boost your confidence in more services?

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