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"Europe's Lipa Failing", EU Strategies for Migrants' Communication with the Balkans "Report - Radio Onda de Urdo

“Europe’s Lipa Failing”, EU Strategies for Migrants’ Communication with the Balkans “Report – Radio Onda de Urdo

Anyone who wants to take a closer look at the EU’s “strategy” for immigration should go to Liba., Isolated plateau in the municipality of Bihag, northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the heart of the Balkans and Europe, at an altitude of 800 meters, about 25 kilometers from the first hospital, in mid-November 2021. “Temporary Reception Center” For those in “transport” with 1,500 seats. “The Balcony Network of Revoldi” states that “human dignity is an unprecedented form of segregation without a legal basis.”

The main donor is the European Union (54%), Followed by Austria (20.9%), Germany (19.2%), Switzerland (6%), Italy (2.5%) and the European Central Bank (2.25%. IOM) Funding from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lipa (,000 80,000) was designed for construction, used in construction, layout and electricity and water connection. 422,538.08 Added again by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 16 months operating expenses. The remaining வெறும் 1 million is earmarked for data collection, “monitoring” and other project activities aimed at analyzing the flows of people in traffic in the country. So Italy paid 1.5 million euros for a temporary reception center on the border between Bosnia and Croatia.

On Monday 27 December the Revolti i Balkans released a new report and information about the domain. The report, entitled “Europe’s Failing Libra”, explains that there is really nothing temporary and reveals Europe’s face of talking about redistribution and the quota of unity when investing in pushbacks by creating fundamental rights that people have forgotten and suspended.

In the first part we hear the introduction of Duccio Facchini (director of Altrigianato) and the interventions of Diego Saccora (author of the report, Balkan Path) and Gianfranco Schiavone (ICS, Asgi, author of the report). Listen or download

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In the second part (after a brief speech by Duccio Facchini) paola to MEPs Elisabetta Gualmini and Pietro Bartolo. It ends with questions and answers raised by users in this regard Listen or download