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New pictures for FPS in BioShock style in Soviet setting -

New pictures for FPS in BioShock style in Soviet setting –

Nuclear heart Returns to show itself in some New pictures, Jamie Moran, who created content on YouTube that was published via Twitter, shows some of the interesting and specific settings and contexts FPS in stylish bioshock In a pseudo-Soviet system.

The pictures show some of the settings Views Of the game, although it is not yet clear whether they are real screen shots or engine shots, we now have a somewhat clearer idea of ​​what they are.

In fact, we saw the new gameplay trailer for E3 2021, and again last summer the Mundfish team talked about the release date, results and the PS4 version of the game, which is gradually being defined.

The new images tell the truth, not specifically showing new elements, but rather different perspectives on scenes and settings already seen.

Not one yet Exit date With regard to the nuclear heart, to underline the anomalies of this topic, the second chapter seems to have already been confirmed in practice. Has emerged so far.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at these four images of the nuclear heart, hoping that 2022 will be the perfect year to see the Mundfish game in its definitive version.

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