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Europe Factor Complaint Form

Europe Factor Complaint Form

Debt collection companies, including the Europa factor, are companies that act to recover (own or others) the amount that the consumer has not paid.

Usually they operate out of court or try to convince consumers to pay an amount that is considered (as far as possible) a failure to avoid judicial proceedings.

Europa Factor Spa (what it is)

These companies may include Europa factor acting on behalf of third party companies (Eni, Enl et al) or on its own. Generally, companies such as Europa Factor can buy (buy) credits from other companies and then try to recover all or part of these sums.

EUROPA FACTOR Outside the Court Procedure

In particular, debt recovery companies operate to recover a company’s debt (e.g. electricity or consumer unpaid telephone bills) or to recover receivables purchased from other companies (e.g. from ENEL).

News from the Europa Factor: How to Protect Yourself

First of all, it should be said that it is necessary to check whether the amount demanded by the consumer is actually paid. The security possibilities are manifold. For example: the amount demanded by the Europa factor is actually correct, due to the outstanding amount, however, these amounts should be considered as recommended, so the consumer has the right not to pay such amount.

Europa factor complaints

So we can assume that part of the claims of debt recovery companies are illegal. Apparently, for the most part, the same companies interested in debt recovery are unaware of any flaws in the company that do not inform consumers of the outstanding amount.

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There are a number of reasons why the claims of debt recovery companies are incorrect and such claims are canceled.

Download the form to be sent to Europa Factor

How to make a complaint to the Europa factor

AECI has developed a simple and economical defense module. Thanks to this form (complete with instructions) you can compete against the demands of Europa Factor.

You need to fill out the forms to download Form And pour 5,00 Euro Join AECI and support us in the many battles we wage to protect consumer rights. The form can be used without time and number limitations.