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Microsoft is redesigning dialog windows

Microsoft is redesigning dialog windows

Windows will display a dialog box informing the user if something unexpected happens and immediate action is required from the user. Microsoft now wants to modernize these dialog windows for Windows 11. For example, in the case of Windows 10, an alert will appear and signal that data will be lost if the device is shut down due to low battery level. These dialog windows use Metro UI 8 times from Windows, but their design will be updated with WinUI.

In the latest preview version of Windows 11, Microsoft has modified the interfaces of various warning dialog boxes, such as the low battery alert dialog. A new dialog window will also be displayed if you want to change the display settings. Microsoft is slowly but surely changing dialog windows from Windows 8 times with their modern alternative and WinUI variant.

The process is not yet complete because the dialog window that appears when the PC name is renamed e.g. B. Still placed in the metro design of Windows 8. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will edit all alert dialog boxes in upcoming preview versions.

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Also, with the latest preview update for Windows 11, Microsoft has restored support for power modes in Windows systems. Windows automatically sets the power mode to “balanced” for devices. However, there is always the option to switch to “better power efficiency” or “better performance”.

Return of the update button

In the first preview version of Windows 11, the option to upgrade was removed from the New Context menu on the desktop. If you want to access the update, you need to click “Show additional options” in the context menu to get the original or classic context menu.

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The preview version of Windows 11 22000.65 now enables the update function in the modern main context menu. This shortcut is very helpful for users who prefer mouse input, but can also refresh the desktop by pressing the F5 key. Additionally, a new search menu has been found in the Start menu. This appears to be a shortcut to an existing Windows search, and no search results can be displayed in the Start menu.

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