Epic Games will continue its free game collection in 2022. So expect at least one free topic per week this year as well. You can click on it and keep it permanently in your game library. Although the Tomb Raider trilogy was free at the beginning of the year, it now follows The gods will fall.

The game will be available today at the Epic Games Store at 5pm from January 6th to January 13th.

The gods will fall

Help the eight warriors to free mankind from the iron grip of the gods and defeat the beastly forces in the divine realms. RPG is an entertainment activity provided by Fall developer Clever Beans in Gotts.

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Are here The gods will fall

you can The gods will fall Download for free for exactly one week from the Epic Games Store. Then the free game switches again and it follows Galactic Civilizations3. If you want to know which titles are already available for free on Epic, check out here: Epic Games – Free Game Collection: List of All Games

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Epic Games: The Tomb Raider trilogy as a mysterious game finale for free