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Epic Game Store today downloads three new games for free

Epic Game Store today downloads three new games for free

As he usually does, Epic Sports Shop Today gives us the opportunity to download the first three new games for free. Enough to guarantee us a healthy career during this new prison!

Hurry up!

WhenThe epic has come under criticism from Apple, Which determined the company to be ineffective and inefficient, the company continues its pace and declares Three new freebies are available for download today from the Epic Game Store.

If you are a fan of Tydolic Entertainment Studio, We are waiting impatiently for the release Lord of the Rings: Golam Sir PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox X / S and Nintendo Switch, Of the three games offered by Epic Sports Store, two will be served to you as they were created by the studio : Pillars of the Earth And Deponia: The Complete Journey.

Deponia: The Complete Journey Bringing together the first three games of history Terrain : Terrain, Confusion in Deponia And Goodbye Deponia. This is an adventure game in which the player plays Rufus, who tries to leave the planet Deponia, a huge open space waste collection center. With its cartoonish aesthetic, the game is a puzzling adventure that you have to solve.

Pillars of the Earth In the meantime, Video game adaptation of the bestseller by British writer Ken Folt: Pillars of the Earth, Published in 1990. Released in 2017, this point and click adventure game Well received by critics. Update the history of medieval England through the prism of Kings Bridge village life in the 12th century.

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The epic sports store also offers indie games The first tree, Created by David Wehl. Play as a fox looking for his family in a dream-like world. With its designs in bright colors, the game is a little pearl, which wonderfully expresses the beauty of the world.

There will be all three of these games Available until April 22nd. But the epic doesn’t stop there The video game company has already announced the name of the games that will be offered from April 22nd. This’Alien: Isolation And The hand of fate 2.

Created by Creative Assembly and published by Sega, Alien: Isolation A game from glorious history Alien, Started by Ridley Scott Alien, the eighth traveler. Sports, a specialty magazine that effectively integrates the genres of survival horror and action-adventure navigation games Its action comes out 14 years after the events of the first film Alien.

Finally, Hand of Destiny2 Especially the board game set in the rich dark fantasy universe. Revised Defiant Development, the game is known to be indescribable, and has quickly established itself as a genre of this genre. We know how Epic treats its customers.