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New information about the project from Jason Schreier

New information about the project from Jason Schreier

Recently, a new report was published in Bloomberg by Jason Schreier, a well-known journalist and video game insider. Lots of background in Naughty Dog and Sony Pendle.

Schreier, who appeared during the last MinnMaxShow podcast, returned to discuss the project, regaining its birth and current working status. In his words, VASG Team, A joint venture between artists and developers who have historically worked outside of Sony, proposed to the Japanese company Your own version of the game remake. The vertical strip shown at the beginning was very solid, but then the work was severely sluggish, and VASG members were eventually commissioned in support of Naughty Dog to finish producing The Last of S Part II (domestically postponed from 2019 to 2020).

Following the release of the second episode of the series, Sony has decided to hand over the main task of creating the remake to Natty Doc, And the budget and creative direction of the game seems to have seen a significant upsurge since then. Within VASG, there are those who have decided to drop their position permanently after losing effective control over the project.

Second Schreier, The Lost of S remake is designed to go exactly with its successor: So the development team will keep updating the technology sector with the technologies used in its sequel, and on the latest topic directed by Neil Truckman (glass breaking, various types of covers and so on). Obviously Sony’s ultimate goal is a kind of “The Last of S Part Uno“It continues uninterrupted with the second part and may be released on a Unique packaging of the series on the PS5. Schreyer does not know if the naughty dog ​​is planning changes or additions to the story told within the two topics.

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