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End of use coming soon!

End of use coming soon!

This processor, which allowed you to simplify the operations of your smartphone to avoid distractions, was soon over.

As we speakAndroid Auto, We need to distinguish two things: on the one hand the accessible interface on your car screen For apps on your smartphone, On the other hand is an app that provides your phone in a simple way to help you on the road. The latter will gradually disappear.

This application makes it possible to combine functions such as navigation, calls or music into one Simplified interface And more readable on your smartphone, with the aim of reducing distractions while driving. But Google is coming to an end soon.

However, do not panic: these functions will not disappear, but will be changed to an updated version of Google Assistant. Available on Android 12. A driving function is activated when you pick up the wheel, with specific voice commands. Just like the current Android Auto, you can access your navigation app (Google Maps, Waze, Etc.), your music and your calls.

Step-by-step deployment on Android 12

On the other hand, the good news: that interface Copy your applications Can’t disappear on the car’s touchscreen. This would be surprising as there are more and more manufacturers Offer from the series, Sometimes to compensate for infotainment systems that are not always responsive.

For now, the Android Auto processor is still active and available, but starting with the latest pixels, Android 12 is gradually coming out for compatible smartphones, and soon it will be gradually pushing towards the exit door. When your phone is updated New version of Android (If this is recent enough), so you should switch to this Google Assistant.

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