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EMUI 12: Huawei cleverly updates its software interface

EMUI 12: Huawei cleverly updates its software interface

If all eyes are on HarmonyOS 2, Huawei will not forget EMUI, the software interface that ruled its mobile devices until its new OS arrives. Very cleverly, the Chinese company announces the new EMUI 12 version for its Android smartphones.

EMUI en Harmony

This is a continuation of the latest versions of the interface. It always wants to be smaller than the updates, and this year, Huawei is even playing the card of reality on some graphic elements like its clock and compass with 3D effect. As for the animations, this interface wants to reflect the gravitational effects of a navigation that Hawaii wants. “Nature”. Finally, like Oppo or OnePlus, EMUI 12 offers the option to change the font size you want.

Overall, EMUI 12 looks like HarmonyOS 2, which we have already tried The latest Matpad 11 tablet. This new version benefits from the new Control Panel available on the new OS. Thus, you can access all these quick settings (music, bluetooth, wifi …) by swiping from the top right corner. A panel called Device + appears and allows you to quickly connect with other devices in the Hawaii ecosystem. It works almost like the Super Device widget on HarmonyOS 2.

There comes another feature: Me Time. This allows you to continue the video conversation on any device. So, if you start a video on your smartphone, you can easily switch to PC or Huawei TV at any time. This option allows you to easily and quickly share your screen on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Finally, how to provide an interface update without specifying security? Hawaii Smartwatches EMUI 12 offers extra security for access to your mobile.

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Currently, the new software interface is only offered on the Huawei site, with no availability date specified. The company did not specify the smartphone models available for EMUI 12. Knowing that the HarmonyOS 2 should be offered on almost 60 models of the brand – even there, without a key date – it remains only to see what the new interface or new OS will be first.