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Overwatch: As a result of the Activision blizzard case: Macri renamed

Overwatch: As a result of the Activision blizzard case: Macri renamed

Macri is one of the most famous heroes Overwatch (In the distance 19.85At To purchase) “Shooting” was also one of the first characters to be introduced. However, the name of the character is not fictional, but is based on the name of a developer of Blizzard Entertainment, namely Jesse McGree who worked on Diablo 3 and Diablo 4. However, since the recent evacuation of Jesse McGree (in connection with the sexual harassment and discrimination case), there has been a lot of criticism over the character’s name over the past few weeks. The Overwatch League excluded commentators from using the name “Macri”.

Now Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced that the character will be renamed – at the same time they will not be renaming a character as a “real person” again. The new name, which has not been revealed, will better indicate what the overwatch stands for. According to Blizzard, “The overwatch universe was built around the idea that content, equality and hope are the building blocks for a better future.” Deleting the name can be a big issue because his name is in the game – and the other characters speak directly to Macri in conversations.

In addition, the “story bow” and game content scheduled for this September will be changed, the developers explain. Instead, a new FFA card is to be introduced.

Speaking of the current case for toxic corporate culture, discrimination and harassment (We reported): The activation blizzard is said to be loud Axes And கோடகு Criminal documents have been destroyed, which is why the DFEH (“California Department of Fair Employment and Housing”) investigations are set to expand. Last Current Video: Cross Play Now Live

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