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Embed 7.4: Video Player helps you organize your library better

Embed 7.4: Video Player helps you organize your library better

Video player Brew 7 The library is full of innovations with version 7.4 that improve the layout and navigation. In particular, it is possible to create your own collections: the practical function of bringing all Marvel movies together in one place or organizing a series of TV series and movies that deal with the same theme.

Here, a Superman collection.

Improved navigation for TV series: The seasons are grouped together so that they can be read on the same page with the title of the series, in which you can switch between different episodes. The details page is subject to a slight change: we now see the official logo of the movie or series (looking for Infuse 7) Movie Database) The program can display up to 30 of the recently added series.

New navigation in series paper.

There are many choices available for certain tasks, such as playlist or collection, but also for deletions or downloads. Infuse 7 avoids going to menus in the evening by adding the “Next Episode” button, as encouraged by Netflix. You can see the complete list of new features of this version 7.4 In this link.

“Next Chapter” button.

As a reminder, Brew 7 A free application but can be paid to open all features. You have the option between a subscription (0.99 / 9.99 per year) and a one-time purchase (89.99). The application is translated into French and requires at least iOS 14. It is also available on Mac and Apple TV.