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Very expensive, manual landing on Starfield planets is not possible |  Xbox One

Very expensive, manual landing on Starfield planets is not possible | Xbox One

No game will allow you to land “manually” on a planet

Angmar89: I’m not in a dream or fantasy, I mean Elite is dangerous, Of course you do not know or have not played. The game I have been playing for many years, its origins date back to 1984 (at the time I was playing on a 3D wireframe!) And have undergone tremendous evolution in various media over a period of almost 4 decades. Elite Dangerous has set a very high bar for its enthusiasts, not to mention comparable to other games coming out in the space universe (not to mention its rich graphics and playability at 4K / 60FPS).

For example, articles speak for Starfield of 40 hours of lifespan for 1000 probable planets, whereas with ED the universe has more than 400 billion systems (‘multiply by the number of planets that can contain nothing but a single system’ 1) not a practical map like No Man’s Sky, but The finite and finite universe is common to PC / XBOX / SONY ecosystems. To date, the global ED community has found only 0.05% of the galaxy …

A comment I wrote a few months ago about this:

In Elite Dangerous the flight (not only that) is a complete delight to return to reality anyway, and the manual landing phases on the planets’ ground, Earth’s platforms or orbital platforms are a treat. A game has never allowed you to feel such a sense of reality and freedom. Ideas such as playing time and phases of study give us the feeling of being infinitely small and, at times, of this spatial vastness, of flight, of walking on unknown planets, of indescribably pleasant solitude. Apparently playing time and improvement is not done in some ten hours, but in thousands of hours. Realizing that this is a game that lives on in real-time H24 in situations such as business, geopolitics, conflicts, specific events … and Internet users sharing their findings.

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Sorry, I’m out of curiosity and emotion. :-))

That’s because people have completely unrealistic expectations !!

I’m not one of those people who says “we sell dreams”. I have a definite reason for the above evidence. Nothing completely untrue !!

Now, by no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. :-)