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If you have these 11 apps on your Android smartphone, you need to remove them urgently

Then, four photo-centric applications are isolated: PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor, PIP Camera 2022, Camera Photo Editor and Light Exposure Photo Editor. They have been accused of hosting Trojan horses, the purpose of which is to steal data, especially to deceive the user and force him to link to his Facebook account. Identifiers, passwords and other information are at the mercy of hackers. The fifth application is affected by this type of attack: Zodiac Horoscope – Fortune Finder, Astrological Processor.

New Trojans have also been identified aimed at subscribing users to paid mobile services. Recovery data recovery application and video game Driving Real Race Are trapped.

The case of the newly discovered misuse is finally with us. Омпенсация ப்படுகிறது is offered as an application to help Russian citizens apply for social benefits, but it is actually designed to steal the data and money of its founders.

Fans of Only Fans Android should only offer free access to fan accounts. But the hackers will collect the money generated by these actions and the users will not get any benefit from it.

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