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Elton Ring: Gamescom does not appear in 2021 - despite the award

Elton Ring: Gamescom does not appear in 2021 – despite the award

Elton Ring: Revealed trailer including release – E3 2021 brings first surprise

S Software / Bandai Namco

With some optimism, fans were looking forward to the appearance of the Elton Ring at Gamescom 2021. Despite winning the award, the participant was missing from the sports show.

Tokyo, Japan – August 25, The Gamescom 2021* Officially launched and fans cheered. After the somewhat sober E3 2021, many were expecting the real piece of new information about the hottest games, including the Elton Ring. The upcoming Roll-Flaming Game from Dark Souls Forge from the software has been nominated for five Gamescom Awards, so it will definitely be new Trailer* Perform live on opening night. The game won an award, but otherwise there is no trace of the game. * Elton Ring reveals how he can win a Gamescom award – without appearing at a trade show.

Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live was full of new games, sometimes big, sometimes small, but all new. Geoff Gaikley set the pace insane on the live show and cut the trailer after the trailer. In between was a direct link to Germany, where Nataska Becker presented some Gamescom awards. At the awards ceremony, the Elton Ring was probably the favorite highlight: it received the top five nominations at the 2021 GamesCom Awards. * Is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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