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Edna, the erupted magma is "ancient": what does this mean?  What is going on in the “heart” of the volcano?

Edna, the erupted magma is “ancient”: what does this mean? What is going on in the “heart” of the volcano?

In recent days, in the case of paroxysmEdna On February 19, the National Geophysics and Volcano-Ednio Laboratory explained that it had been discovered.The results of laboratory analyzes of products erupted during volcanic eruptions on February 16 and 18, 2021 indicate that the composition of the magma emitted from December 2020 to February 2021 is very high. The oldest Of the paroxysmal process that produces the southeast groove. These results, seen in the active cycle of this abyss from 2019, indicate that the composition of the magma has gradually increased further. The oldest, Suggests that a magma recharge process takes place deep in the volcanic power system“.

Edna in the eruption, what a show at night: Pyroclastic flows and volcanic springs in the moonlight – photo

What is the oldest magma? What does this mean? Clarifying it is Professor Marco Vicaro, This is an interview Courier service, Explained what was going on “Heart“Dell”Edna.

Magma, at this point in Edna’s life cycle, manages to enter the deep diet, as well as easily manage to migrate to intermediate and shallow levels, stopping there for a very short time., ”Said Vicaro, the new president of the Italian Association of Volcanologists, a professor of geochemistry and volcanoes at the Department of Biology, Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Catania. “Per “Ancient magma“In the Earth’s crust we refer to a magma that holds very close to the compound obtained at the time of its formation. The ascent to the surface then determines the transformation of this original compound towards more developed terms. Etna with tracheopasaltic compound is emitted from volcanic magmas, which are included in the “basic” defining composition. Further discovering the mixed variation of magmas towards the term “primitive” means that the diet of the volcano is gradually infiltrated by magmas coming from the depths, losing their original amount of gas and not yet having enough time to change its composition through crystallization processes. This occurs due to heat loss when positioned on the surface of the earth. This means that during this time in Magna, Edna’s life cycle, it manages to move very easily into the deep diet and easily into the intermediate and shallow stages, stopping there for a very short time.“.

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In detail, in terms of volcanic activity, “With the exception of the almost continuous process of simple degassing from the summit craters, at least over the past decade all the summit craters have shown signs of erupting activity even at the same time. The livelihoods of the southeastern abyss we see, especially those associated with inland crater strombolian activity and weak ash emissions from the Vorkain and Boca Nova craters, say that the deep recharge process that affects the volcanic power system is very comprehensive and includes all possible routes of climbing and canals“.
Different eruptions are likely, the expert concluded. “It mainly depends on the conditions that the magma encounters “on the way” during its ascent. At this time, the power supply system has significant efficiency in transforming the magma from deep to shallow levels, i.e. there are no specific factors that hinder this transmission, so magma is not required to detect lateral junctions. But we know it will not be like this forever. Edna has already been shown to be capable of producing lateral eruptions leading to higher risk factors than determined by the ash fall.“.

Edna, INGV eruption: “Ancient magma rises, volcano fed by deep reservoirs”