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FNCS Week 2 Season 5 Rankings, Fortnight Qualification 2 Trio - Break Flip

FNCS Week 2 Season 5 Rankings, Fortnight Qualification 2 Trio – Break Flip

After several weeks of waiting, FNCS finally landed in Season 5 Fortnight ! The competition starts with this Friday, February 12th, And will be All three. The best players will compete for several weeks with the goal of winning the final on the weekend of March 19th!

Find below FNCS Qualification 2 Ranking, It takes place Friday, February 19 to Sunday, February 21.

Rankings and FNCS Results, Week 2 Season 5

Eligible weekends will all take place 4 rounds Strange, all spread over the weekend. Every week, the 10 best teams Qualification Semi-final, Which takes place on the weekend of March 12th!

Find the Qualification 2 rankings below.

Ranking Round 4, Sunday 21st February (19-22pm)
With the first 33 from round 3.


Ranking Round 1, Friday, February 19 (19-22 pm)
Open to all.

fncs-session-1-fortnite-rank-resultsFull ranking at this address

Ranking Round 2, Saturday, February 20 (3pm to 6pm)
With the first 1,500 of round 1.

fncs-session-2-fortnite-rank-resultsFull ranking at this address

Ranking Round 3, Saturday, February 20 (19-22 pm)
With the first 250 of round 2.


Full ranking at this address

FNCS dates and format in Season 5

This season, the FNCS will take place in six of three stages. All of these stages take place over the entire weekend from Friday to Sunday. See all dates for FNCS Season 5 below:

  • Qualifications 1: Friday, February 12 to Sunday, February 14
  • Qualifications 2: Friday, February 19 to Sunday, February 21
  • Qualifications 3: Friday, February 26th to Sunday, February 28th
  • Semi-final: March 12 Friday to Sunday March 14
  • Round Earnings: Friday 19th and Saturday 21st March
  • Final: Friday, March 19 to Sunday, March 21
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FNCS Season 5 points


For more details on the format of the competition, do not hesitate to visit our article Form and dates of FNCS in Season 5 !