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Dubbing and Motion Capture complete, English as the main language -

Dubbing and Motion Capture complete, English as the main language –

Final Fantasy16 Should continue its growth and apparently have completed records related to Square Enix Dubbing and facial movement capture, Both were originally made English, With subsequent new editions in Japanese.

This is a very strange case, because the Japanese production of this genre has to be re-dubbed into English for foreign markets, starting with Japanese actors and voice actors, but the final fantasy is 16 subverted Apparently this tradition.

This is not official news because it refers to a statement made by a user named Ash on Twitter Nok Ki Yoshida During a television appearance during the Washagana show: Based on this, the group seems to have put an end to voice recordings, performance capture with English voices, and Anglo-Saxon or Western actors.

Upon further investigation into the matter, Ash confirmed that the English language was accepted as the starting point of Final Fantasy 16, and Yoshida openly stated “how he liked it”.Basically British English The result will be capturing the faces of the actors, and the recordings in Japanese will be performed in the coming weeks. “

While this may seem trivial, it does bring some interesting insights: first it tells us that it is Development The performance of Final Fantasy 16 continued until the end of the capture, which was the casting and recording of the cast.

The other question is, most likely, the models used for the construction of the characters Western actors, Which makes stylistic differences in organizing facial animations and constructing dialogues, as English seems to be the starting point.

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For the rest, we still have to wait for the game to assume that according to some reports the final Fantasy 16 will show up again in 2022, probably not even in DGS 2021.