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Audio style to discover the city differently

Audio style to discover the city differently

It all starts with a restraining order, it’s time to set the scene. “Forget that Thionville knew her. After the fall” a place, the distant future is an inaccurate time “. In The Headset (adventure is fully appreciated by the audio headset itself), a voice emerges Cora , Provides the context of this series of stories to be viewed through the smartphone app GOH.

To take advantage of this (for free), the paintings that allow the app to be downloaded on its small terminal are scattered on the ground in various parts of the city center. The download lasts only a few minutes and the ride can start.

“This is an audio and geography project like ours, which was proposed many years ago, which allowed for the collection of life stories here and there. That is, it is still under development, the editor’s note) We benefit in a way that will be created within the framework of Esh, the capital of 2022 culture. “

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Once the adventure begins, a map will be displayed on the screen. Dionville, floating above the center of the yellow pastilles. A journey through many points to visit, the atmosphere, the life, the sounds of time passing. Near these places, a story begins.

The Leaning Tower, the adjoining Magpie, an evening of music around the camp பல Many stories of characters opening up to new meanings. In these texts, nature and animals are found everywhere in inspired images and vocabulary. Not a word has been said yet about the nature of the stories here so as not to reveal anything.

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“All texts were written by author Luan and published by La Volt, the publisher of Alan Tamasio. The goal of the project, ultimately, is to work with real writers, in the sense that he came to Dionville to discover the place and be inspired by it, he refers to theory. The city and its locations, whether significant or not, serve as the backdrop to the story. “

From the bus station to the Ness Bridge, the playground covers a nice surface from Napoleon Park to Wilson Park. “But initially it was planned that it would go even further. For convenience it has been reduced a bit. If necessary, for very weak links, the story can be downloaded upstream openly. To enjoy it, you have to walk well.