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"Download" Giacomo Urtis Valeria Marini?  / "It's a tragedy for her"

“Download” Giacomo Urtis Valeria Marini? / “It’s a tragedy for her”

Feelings and twists Big brother VP They will always be consistent, thanks to new entries each season that add spice to the existing dynamics. In fact, in recent weeks a new competitor has crossed the red door, Giacomo UrtisHowever, attached Valeria Marini Grows together as a single character. The VIP surgeon immediately moved into the house, connecting practically all the components of the house.

However, unlike his travel companion, he failed to stand alone as expected. Aside from the various funny curtains due to his eccentricity, he still hasn’t come out with significant dynamics. Even in the twenty-ninth episode of the show, which aired on Monday, December 20, he was not one of the protagonists of the evening. The boy’s interventions are only small jokes at the instigation of the conductor, as are physical compliments about the newcomer. Alessandro Passiano. Also, he was the protagonist of a decisive fun moment with Valeria’s accomplice; Called together in the confessional, Alfonso Cignorini invited them to watch a video of all the conflicts between the couple, including funny teasing and tense moments.

Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini were saved by Lulu Selassie

In the last episode of Big Brother VIP 2021, Giacomo Urtis, Along with Marini, were able to learn the verdict of the televoting that saw them among the 7 nominated contestants. Fortunately, they did not get very few votes in the group, and the public’s favorite, Lulu, condemned them for direct televoting and saved them. Biagio D’Anelli. Despite escaping danger in the evening, even in the next episode they have to wait for the outcome of the general verdict, once again one of the most voted in the house.

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In the hours following the live broadcast he did not participate in significant moments other than a few scoops about his emotional past. In fact, when talking to Sophie Kotkoni, she announced that she had a relationship with a particularly well-known artist, without revealing the name of the mysterious man. For now, the judgment of his account is still in balance, waiting for the boy’s greater involvement during the live performances of the show and during the most appropriate dynamics that often animate the house.

Tired of Giacomo Urtis Valeria Marini?

Giacomo Urtis Big Brother Vip will stay on Vip2121 after overcoming a telecommunications voting ban against Biagio D’Anelli and Miriana Trevisan. Also, the plastic surgeon’s dream is to be able to break away from Valeria Marini and go the same route. He begins to experience certain attitudes.

“It simply came to our notice thenGiacomo talks to Lulu and Carmen Russo.

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