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Download FireAlpaca for free on Futura

Download FireAlpaca for free on Futura

FireAlpaca is a powerful and especially intuitive free software for creating digital drawing and sketch. The interface has been translated into many languages ​​(including some flaws in English) and provides easy access to all features provided by software compatible with computers running Windows and Mac OS X.

The software is lightweight and very fast in both installation and handling. Users can use the Layer Management tool, which allows them to easily edit, create layer masks, and fragment their creation. You can also edit Firefox raster and vector maps.

FireAlpaca interface

FireAlpaca is easy to learn because its interface uses the codes and presentations of many digital drawing and painting software. Tools are distributed throughout the drawing area, especially with a sidebar on the left that displays select tools, brushes, text tools and other essential functions. Tool properties and layers are located in the right column, and specific commands are located in the main menu above the drawing area.

When creating a new art project, you will be given multiple choices of frames and dimensions. For example, you can create a manga and choose its resolution, template (model), inner frame with edges, color profile, etc. But you can also create a static image with customizations or animations that adjust the number of frames per second (FPS), resolution, etc.

Another important thing for better handling of FireAlpaca is the numerous shortcuts that are recalled in the top menus. Finally, to complete the manipulation of FireAlpaca, find out if it works properly with the stylus of your graphics tablet.

Selection and drawing tools

At the level of FireAlpha’s main tools, the graphic editor will display them on the left. For selection features, you can find the usual geometric or free-form selection tools, such as the magic wand, brush selection tool, and eraser with eraser. There are text tools for users to edit custom text, eyebrow, cutter etc.

As far as drawing tools are concerned, the brush is very important with the possibility of customizing the color, shape, opacity, symmetry, thickness, gait or alignment between lines (dot trailing, parallel). , Axis, radial, etc.). Also note that there is a brush store where you can download and install other brush styles, textures and patterns.

Animation tools and filters

The application has a filter menu, but unlike other digital drawing or image processing software, this menu has commands for adjusting hue, color scale or color changes, as well as adding Gaussian blur effects and mosaic effects.

If you want to create an animation, it is easy to create a new project with specific configuration parameters. You will have already created and organized layers in “Onion Skin” mode. Each map is available in a transparent layer and includes a step of your animation. The controls allow you to quickly move from one frame to another and an automatic player allows you to view your animation as a whole without exporting.