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Image promotionnelle de Fall Guys avec un petit personnage devant qui à les larmes aux yeux qu'on lui a rajouté

The game loses all its meaning since it turned out to be free to play

With the arrival of the Fall Guys in a new design that is free for everyone, the reward system is upside down.

Ninja Warriors style Battle Royale is coming soon to play for free on all of the following platforms and it will be a week soon Epic Games acquired it. Switch and Xbox players can now join frenzy games with PlayStation and PC players full of all sorts of distraction courses and mini-games. However, however This major update brings with it some interesting new featuresNot at all rosy and the title has its first weakness.

It’s on the battle pass and reward system side that players are already starting to find flaws and shortcomings. The game now offers daily tasks and other weekly challenges to gain experience points and kudos (in-game currency), interest in medals won at the end of the game and The concept of the game loses its essence.

Failure is the new success

If you have on hand the new version of Fall guysYou may have noticed it Most of the rewards are now earned through the tasks offered. Every day, every week and for a long time, exclusive challenges are offered to get rewards. This new system looks interesting on paper because it allows you to pocket the bonus package at once.

The problem is that the rewards available at the end of the game are now gone and the progress will be almost zero once the day’s tasks are completed. After three or four daily games, it becomes pointless to play Fall Guys and do everything you can to win. A Reddit user finds it amusing to compare rewards received based on a game’s performance, and to a lesser extent, though not ridiculous.

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In fact, it is now faster to complete your battle pass Deliberate failure or leaving the game Between rounds rather than doing what you can to find the crown of victory. The most bizarre direction that takes the title to a game that is supposed to encourage its players to give everything they can to survive until the last round. Faced with criticism from players, it remains to be seen whether Epic and Meditonic will want to change this strange new system.