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Download Construction Materials on a Land: Discovered by Local Police

Download Construction Materials on a Land: Discovered by Local Police

TRIESTE. A few days ago the environmental police division of Tristay’s local police was able to identify the person responsible for the abandonment of construction materials in the Campanelle area.

A citizen telephoned the Environmental Police Division complaining that construction materials had been abandoned at a plot near him; Operators conducted an inspection to verify the actual drop of some piles of broken tiles.

From a waste test they were able to recover some data dated with the owner of some apartment building nearby.

The owner of the apartment summoned to the borough confirmed the renovation work on the economy, however, took advantage of one of his acquaintances, but as an acquaintance noticed this, he also announced his alienation in relation to the abandonment of the property.

The operators were able to locate the author, thanks to the apartment owner’s information and further evidence provided by the van’s license plate found a few days later near the abandoned location.

The man was summoned to San Sebastiano Barracks via Revoldella, and in the face of evidence obtained, he admitted to throwing broken tiles on a piece of land in the district.

The person was admitted for violating Legislative Order 152/20061 with a fine of $ 600 and for obliging to immediately dispose of the waste and dispose of it according to law.

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