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Artifact - The valve abandons the growth of the artifact and distributes it for free

Artifact – The valve abandons the growth of the artifact and distributes it for free

Wolf’s Artifact card game will no longer be subject to updates because it does not attract enough players. Both versions of the title (its original version and its revision) are however distributed free of charge.

In 2017, அடைப்பான் Announced Artifact: Tota Card Game, Was freely inspired by his card game license Tota2, And the following year, the studio introduced the first executable version. Apparently, the game designed by Richard Garfield (one of the creators of Magic) did not find its audience – probably for a variety of reasons, whether it was complicated or not. Sports (With its three platforms) or its paid business model when most of its competitors follow the free-to-play model.

For more than a year, the development teamArtifact However, he worked on a redesign of Art 2.0 in beta aimed at breathing new life into the card game. But again, players are obviously not and valve Finally this redesign continues. The developer notes in a note published on Steam: “We (…) have not succeeded in mobilizing many active players to justify further growth. Therefore, we have taken a tough decision to stop the development of Artifact Beta 2.0. ”

However, since there are still players in the game, Valves simply does not want to shut down the servers. Studio therefore releases the dual version of the game “as is” for free: Artifact Classic (first version of the game) is distributed for free with all cards (boosters are no longer for sale) and version 2 of the beta game is renamed the Artifact Foundry of the game, which must be redistributed by Win (They can’t be bought).
The developer describes the differences between the two versions of the game This way And can be amateur, artifact classic and artifact foundry Downloaded from there.

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