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Download Andre Gide’s books

The titles below are available for free download on Mobipocket, EPUB, PDF, Word and other formats.


Earthly foods, 1897, via open source ebooks


Journey of urea – Story, 1893, via Bibliothèque Numérique Romande

We ask, 1895, via open source ebooks

Moralist, 1902, via open source ebooks

Narrow door, 1909, via open source ebooks

Isabelle, 1911, via free and open ebooks

Vatican Cellars, 1914, via free and open ebooks

Pastoral Symphony, 1919, via open source ebooks

Fakes, 1925, via free and open ebooks

Biographical stories

If the grain does not die, 1926, via free and open ebooks

Travel to Congo, 1927, via open and free ebooks

Returning from the chaat, 1928, via open source ebooks


Treaty of Narcissus, 1891, via open source ebooks

Influence on literature, 1900, via Wikisource

Excuses: Reflections on certain points of literature and ethics, 1903, project via Gutenberg

Dostoevsky (articles and speeches), 1923, Project via Gutenberg

Find digital books to download for free

Photo: Andre Kid and Mark Alegret, 1920 (public domain)

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