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Hoax about hackers and videos

Hoax about hackers and videos

Hoax according to it a The elusive hacker, through a special video, would have let a virus circulate Using the file “India is doing“. A real fake news that has been explored on our site in various contexts in recent years. Last editorial verification by our editorial staff is previous Until last February. Already at that time it was one Re-registration, This false alarm emerged in a number of situations. In some cases, even with Argentina.

Ignore WhatsApp warning in “India does” file: Fake news about hackers and videos

How do the fake news about WhatsApp and the “India does” file that designs smartphones come before our eyes? It’s about one Warning chain, Which draws around the hoax inherent in the work of a hacker and the video related to it is in circulation. Long story, a viral news video believes the video “India does” It will hack your phone in 10 seconds. With a lot of caution that will spread even through Digi, To make the whole thing more “ringing”.

As mentioned, The news is spreading again on WhatsApp and other sites related to the social media world. No such videos have been shared or found on the Internet, as has been repeatedly stated by the authorities handling these events. So, it is clear that the message is a hoax in every way. They talk about it too Abroad.

In more detail, different versions of the same message are circulating on Facebook. Text, for example, It focuses on Argentina or alternatively Pakistan or China as mentioned. Evidence suggests that a hacker may have leaked the video of the Covid-19 curve being flattened, and that the file could have been hacked if it had been opened. In today’s case, let’s talk about “India does” on WhatsApp.

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