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Download 25 new demos to scare you

Download 25 new demos to scare you

In early 2020, a partnership called Ghost PS1 picked up some very special experiences: the first name PlayStation-style demos turned into horror. A new version is complete.

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So the Ghost PS1 demo disc 2021 is downloaded for free on PC. This is again a collection of free demos that have been technically for over 25 years. Also the number of trial versions included here is 25 – including 17 in the previous version. While the ghost may not be against PS1 if a publisher is not concerned, it is a reminder that all of this does not want to be physical.

Without warning, darkness dies, and a pale light floods the room, and you find yourself in a large building with stone walls and marble pillars. The air is cool, but swells as you breathe in dusty gas. A visual case – you stand in a visual case, a visual case of culturally intriguing monuments outside of this space, you will never return, and the shapes in the scenes pierce your eyes like glass needles.

That’s a beautiful way to present it, isn’t it? Here are the names of the 25 demos on offer, be sure to remind you of some of the most popular products:

  • The pain of a dying MMO
  • A shout
  • Sorry
  • Chatting static
  • Finds Island
  • Costly Goodies
  • Lawrence attracts
  • Loveland
  • Mummy Sandbox
  • Pathogen-X
  • Beep Adventures
  • Protagorous bleeding
  • Smile
  • Still Ridge
  • What it threw away
  • Chameleon
  • Sinking machine
  • Haywald Lupol
  • Lunar effect
  • Salt order
  • tmOD
  • Tory 3D
  • Walk-walk
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Download this and make sure you have moments of fear like you had in the 90s, when Thursday was so anxious, why, Download the 2021 demo disc on this page.