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Don't miss (they are so good)

Don’t miss (they are so good)

October is a good start for Amazon Prime subscribers. The multinational company has decided to offer several games. Among them are the interesting Alien: Isolation, Star Wars: Squadrons and Gostrunner.

did you know ? Your Amazon Prime subscription is not only guaranteed for free and quick delivery when ordering from an internet merchant. This service offers access to the SVOD (Prime Video) site and other interesting bonuses such as free video games. And in Press release issued on September 30We have found that subscribers will be able to download up to 10 topics on the system in October.

The choice is interesting: Amazon is not the only solution for small products you may not have heard of. Three games stand out: Alien: Isolation, Gostrunner And Star Wars: Regiments. They are in addition to other free content to get the most popular topics (New world, Apex Legends, Jenshi’s impact2).

Compared to the titles offered in October as part of the Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, we can say that Amazon Prime is the biggest winner (although people are not subscribing to it).

Games offered with Amazon Prime in October // Source: Amazon

Don’t forget to download these three best PC games through Amazon Prime

Alien: Isolation

Why is it good? Alien: Isolation The date starts shortly (it was released in 2014). But the occasional adaptation of a cult film is very definite. Instead of taking the easy way out (making the Aliens crowd fight with a destructive arsenal), Alien: Isolation It perfectly fits this feeling of being a victim of the mercy of the most powerful hunter.

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Created by Creative Assembly, this game resembles a cat and mouse game, where the cat looks like an alien capable of tearing up a mouse in a matter of seconds. So we move at a velvet speed, guided by a radar and driven by our sense of observation. In space, in your room, no one will hear you screaming.


Why is it good? We change the mood completely Gostrunner, Experience that requires skill and patience to overcome innumerable obstacles. Full of ideas to the extent of tragedy, Gostrunner Those who do not face hardship will be rewarded, but no matter how disappointing it may be. As a bonus, we roam in the most talented ninja costumes, especially inspired cyberbank environments when going with class and speed. All with a very deep first person view.

Star Wars: Regiments

Why is it good? The Star Wars Saga is known for its Jedi, Sid, Lightsabers … but also for its ships. Star Wars: Regiments Pays homage to the battles that take place in space, half the game between arcade and simulation. Credibility is its uniqueness, it has the full details that will attract fans of X-Wing and other die fighters. There are feelings of motivation, in the end, the content is only fishing. One drawback we accept, especially since the game is free here.

How do I get games offered by Amazon Prime?

To retrieve games offered by Amazon Prime, you need to go This page Identify yourself on your Amazon account (of course you must be a subscriber).

  • You can easily find the ‘Prime with Prime’ tab that lists all the topics provided.
  • Click ‘Game Game’ to expand your library accessible from the Amazon Games application (note, only compatible with Windows PCs). At the time of writing, the October exam is not yet live.
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From October 1, we can recover:

  • The song of the full version of the horror
  • Red Wings: Aces of the sky
  • The Grand Adventures of Wallace & Chromit
  • Blue fire
  • The little robots were recharged
  • Whiskey & Zombies: The Great Southern Zombie Escape
  • Secret Files3
  • Star Wars: Regiments
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Gostrunner

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