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Dolby AC4 and Ultra-HD are being tested on DDT in three major cities

Dolby AC4 and Ultra-HD are being tested on DDT in three major cities

The launched experiment is the fruit of an alliance between the American Dolby and the French infrastructure operator DDF. Objective of this collaboration: To set up Dolby AC-4 in high definition DNT channels.

To see them, you obviously need one TV
Ultra HD resolution, compatible with the latest, DVB-T2 reception HDR10
And Dolby AC4
(With / without Dolby ATM)… and live in multiplex covered areas in Paris, Nantes and Toulouse. Lucky viewers can then go to DNT channels 81, 82 and 83 and enjoy UHD and Dolby AC-4.

This format combines with the Dolby AC4 audio design, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality image in combination with multichannel technology that can carry multiple unique sound recordings in different configurations in a single stream. In practice, this makes it possible to better take into account the sound space of a particular scene or to select the language of a program.

For this, the AC-4 stream, unlike current receivers, requires their own audio stream, which delivers each audio element directly to the receiver, creating a user-selected version. This opens the field to many technological possibilities.

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