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Heartland, Leaked Video Mostra Game Play ePersonaki Dell Play for Free -

Heartland, Leaked Video Mostra Game Play ePersonaki Dell Play for Free –

Category: Heartland The new installment of the Ubisoft series is a Free to play, And apparently one Video leak Appeared online showing some rows Sports Even if the matter is clearly suspected.

We do not know how reliable the source is, so everything must be taken very seriously, and if it turns out to be true, the material is likely to have a short lifespan on the Internet, in any case you can see it. Tweet de Skyleaks, Giving the biggest watermarks on the whole screen, seems to be the author of the leak.

You can see this This address, If the message is deleted. The picture shows some Artwork, Items Characters and diagram But the scenes that appear to be game sequences taken from the game in Ubisoft’s development also seem to follow some of the technical characteristics of The Division in terms of shooter mechanics in a very loyal way, with a different meaning in essence to play multiplayer for free.

We also saw how The Division: Hartland presents itself as an important product of Ubisoft, including the Netflix movie, which expands the story and explains the different backgrounds of the story. The idea of ​​pushing the series in other directions also comes from the huge success that The Division has recorded, which now has 40 million players.