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Tricks for choosing the right glasses for each face shape

Tricks for choosing the right glasses for each face shape

Spectacles are a choice that needs to be made wisely. Not only do they perform an important function that allows the wearer to look better, but they are also an accessory that can be improved. There are numerous tricks to choosing the right glasses for each face shape. Not only do they beautify a face, they can also reduce imperfections that you do not want to emphasize. Fortunately, optometrists are open, and when it comes time to change your glasses, this is the article you should read to get all the tips about it.

All Oblongo

The long face, as the name implies, is a very long face, longer than the width. He is usually very thin, his eyes are set close together and his mouth usually opens with a dazzling smile. It is necessary to focus on short and thin models, rectangular or square to avoid the fly effect. It is desirable to choose light rose gold or transparent frames. Extra trick? A few diamonds on the sides will brighten the eyes, and the smiles of glass wearers like this.

Inverted triangle

The triangular face has a broad font and a pronounced, narrow chin. The Cheeks They are usually tall, slightly rounded jaws. To balance the face, it is necessary to focus on wide, round frames, with heavy or turtle frames. Choosing glasses is always a different game, so it is a good rule to try to build energy on a face with these little rules.

Diamond face

A type of face that fits between the heart and the oval. Those with a diamond face have a balanced forehead and chin, but have bones in the cheek. The corners of a diamond stand face to face as undeniable heroes. To be more bold, the perfect eyeglass model for the diamond face is the “cat” one. They are elongated, upward-shaped mirrors that give this face even more glamor and uniqueness. Here are the tricks to choosing the right glasses for every face shape. Extra trick? Dare in a pretty bright red frame.

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