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Does the naughty dog ​​work in the PS5 fantasy game? No, the denial has come

Does the naughty dog ​​work in the PS5 fantasy game? No, the denial has come

The name of the naughty dog ​​has been linked to a fantasy project that has not been announced for PS5 these days. As soon as they were found, rumors began to spread Three examples Of Senior concept artist Hyung Nam, entitled Women of the North and with the following comment: Inspired by the new game, you know what it is.

Examples were last November, but are back in practice these daysReports by Neil Truckman, Who is expected to be at work In a brand new game This also required a naughty dog ​​extension. Players have compared those works of art to the new project specific to Truckman, but frankly The two have nothing to do. Reaching IGN, he explained that those works had nothing to do with the new creation of the naughty dog. Inspired by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: This “New Game” He mentioned in the description, which came out last November.

After a misunderstanding, the artist updated the description of the drawings His artstation profile To clarify the relationship with Valhalla. As for the new naughty dog ​​project, we can not help, but be patient constantly. Cognaci still players Significant and sales success of The Lost of S Part 2, Which should sooner or later get a multiplayer mode in the order of the sections from The Lost of SS.

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