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Do not use the quick application that plays the campaign, 343 explains why -

Do not use the quick application that plays the campaign, 343 explains why –

Yesterday evening, from 8 December 2021, the single player campaign The halo is infinite Available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. If you play, you need to know that it is high Not recommended for use with Quick Application: This is explained by 343 professions.

Brian Jarad, Community Director 343 Industries explains: “While playing the Hollow Infinite campaign, you will find lockers with cosmetic content for your multiplayer Spartan.

Then he says, “The team is aware of the problem and we will provide one Reverse solution (You can get all the cosmetics you earned). For now, I recommend that you do not continue to use the Quick Resume session and make sure you are online before exploring Zeta Halo. Thanks!”

In other words, Quick application The game forces you to go offline, and it does not synchronize the multiplayer rewards received in the single player campaign with the online mode. Fortunately, it seems that any content lost by the players can be restored with a future update of Hollow Infinite.

Of course viewers will not be happy with this problem, but we think it will not be enough to reduce the general success of Hollow Infinite. 343 Industries ‘work is much loved, which is a testament to the Players’ Voice success of the Sports Awards 2021.

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