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What is this mysterious "cube" photographed at a distance from the moon?

What is this mysterious “cube” photographed at a distance from the moon?

The Chinese rover Yudu-2 has photographed the mysterious “cube” in the distance of the moon. But what could it be?

An intriguing shape is found in the distance of the moon that has never faced the earth. The location of the current Chinese rover Yudu-2, which gives us an image of this mysterious cube never seen before, according to reports China’s most popular science site is our space.

The mysterious cube-shaped “cottage” or “house” was discovered by China’s Yudu-2 lunar rover at a distance from the moon.

Rover will check it out in the next 2-3 months.

– Zahack Tanvir – Zahack Tanvir (@zahacktanvir) December 7, 2021

Already nicknamed the “Mystery House” by the Chinese space agency, the “cube” is located about 80 meters north of the Chinese rover in the lunar abyss of Van Carmen (where the robot landed). Found in November, on the 36th lunar day of the voyage, it may have been a rock that came out of the ground after an excavation due to the impact of the satellite.

2 to 3 months to 80 meters

The Chinese space agency plans to bring the rover closer to the mystery cube in the next 2 to 3 lunar days (knowing that one lunar day equals one Earth month). It will take three months for the rover to cross the 80 meters that separate it from the “Mystery House”. Remember that the engine is thanks to solar energy and has to overcome many obstacles in its (short) path.

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