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Batteria auto scarica? Ci pensa Intec.

Low car battery? Intec has the solution!

Low car battery? Intec takes care of it.

When a vehicle has been around for a long time, a discharged battery is one of the most frequent problems, and the discomfort caused by this situation is always considerable. To overcome the problem and go with complete silence, Intec offers something new CS is free: Installing CTEK is the last tool born at home An innovative approach to the world of battery chargers and jump starters.

Quickly recharge the discharged car battery

CS Free is a completely new concept, which is different from a regular jump starter. Its internal battery and sophisticated adaptive boost charging program allow this Recharge the broken vehicle’s battery in a few minutes and restart safely, Without being connected to tool mains.
The CS Free, which is attached to the car with an already charged battery, can act as a charge maintainer for a long time, gradually transferring energy from its battery to the vehicle. This is for a dealership that has multiple cars in a square without a dedicated electrical network SIThis means huge savings in battery management costs.

Not just for car battery: 3 functions in one tool

Also, connected to the mains, the CS free can also be used as a standard battery charger in the CDEK range.Simple operation of standard battery charger, grid-free charge maintainer and jump starter. CTEK CS FREE runs on all types of 12V batteries, whether lead or lithium, safe, easy to use and fully automatic. The instrument-mounted LED display shows how long it takes to fully recharge and all other functions.
CTEK CS is free It can be recharged and operated by the solar panel or by connecting it to a 12V service battery; Once fully recharged, the internal battery does not need to be recharged for more than a year: this guarantees complete peace of mind before leaving with your vehicle. In addition, the device is equipped with USB-C and USB-A releases for charging laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Proves to be very versatile and suitable for recharging any device.

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