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Consumption of Google Chrome resources should end under MacOS

Consumption of Google Chrome resources should end under MacOS

Chrome on the Mac allows fans to whine and melt the battery life of the MacBook. The reason is that even though the browser only runs in the background, it requires a lot of resources.

According to chromium developers, the computer resource pig should now be pacified. In Developer Blog Memory requirements for background-running tabs are said to have dropped by up to 8 percent. Is that enough?

The developers call the technology tab throttling and confirm significant improvements with this stimulus. Changes to how JavaScript is implemented should be the key to success. In the background, the website content no longer uses the Mac’s CPU frequently. In addition, memory performance is said to be reduced by 22 percent during browser operation, by 8 percent when rendering, and by 3 percent when using GPUs. In the end, battery life should be saved – up to 1.25 hours is possible, according to the developers.

We see it a little differently

Mac Life’s experiences are not so rosy. Current Chrome version 89.0.4389.82 (official development) (Arm 64) The M1 runs on Apple silicon and significantly shortens the predicted battery life after opening a page. The entire play will then be displayed in the Operations Manager under the “Energy” tab. With six open tabs and a long interval when the browser is unused, the power requirement is 2.8, while a Safari with the same open pages open in the background shows a 0.3 power requirement. Chrome may have been bad before, so we’re willing to let developers try to make improvements, but that’s not enough.

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Your feedback is requested

Are you currently using Chrome 89 and have you noticed improvements? Or is Chrome still a resource pig? Write in the comments!