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Dohu: Poetry and ridiculous epic available on Nintendo Switch

Dohu: Poetry and ridiculous epic available on Nintendo Switch

– In the soundtrack by Christopher Larkin (Hollow Night), Pisces is a journey like no other in the heart of the planets –

London, January 28, 2021 – Publisher Irregular Corporation (Murder by numbers) And Ford Games Studio are proud to announce the release of their exciting adventure game Dohu, Today on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Play. Dohu Available for 12.99 with 10% off PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS + subscribers only).

The original and humorous universe of the game is revealed in this new trailer, which highlights some of the incredible characters and incredible situations you encounter in the game. The adventure begins with the arrival of a dark creature, which attacks the central element of the world – the sacred machine – outside the harmful pure will: the fish planets are threatened, and your journey to save the world can begin. With his ingenuity and a strong mechanical alter-ego, the protagonist discovers curly worlds and unshakable walkers in a bizarre epic.

Stunning art movement and wacky puzzles Dohu One of the first unacceptable games of the year. Audio recording by Christopher Larkin (Empty Knight) ‘S scene attracts storytelling Dohu Create a universe at once, miraculous, coherent, hopeful and confusing. Along the way you will cross paths with strange characters like this security robot, slender legs with high flying business called Jungle or The Broker who lives in the bathtub.

Dohu An unforgettable and captivating journey, which stops you at the helm of a young lady and cubes, you can play in your spare time to use the specific abilities of each person and unravel the mysteries that are in every corner of the universe. Attention and creativity are at the heart of the experience: whether it pushes out the criteria needed to operate your flying ship or learn to shoot with a mustache mole launcher. Dohu Full of humor, awkward and contrasting puzzles.

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