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Nintendo expands Japanese headquarters to further development capacity – ntower

In the future, Nintendo wants to do more Game development Under your own roof Investment. According to a Nikkei portal report, the traditional Japanese company plans to double its office capacity. It is currently near the Japanese headquarters A new building And Nintendo wants to rent these two sites for in-game development. To run the site and its staff, Nintendo will invest 160 million yen (1.25 million euros) a year.

However, that is not all because Nintendo wants to expand into another space. The Nintendo Research Center and the Mario Club team are currently located at the old Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto. A new building Will be built. You want this building with 100 billion yen (780 million euros) Expansion of internal development skills Investment and an additional 50 billion yen (390 million euros). Non-development of sportsG like movie flow.

Nintendo’s investments are justified by the success of the Nintendo Switch because Nintendo can make a sustainable investment in its own future strategy through sales gains.

Do you think it is right to invest profit in Nintendo’s new game development or do you think the company should invest in other areas?

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