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Discover 5 apps for easy parking

Discover 5 apps for easy parking

Tired of driving around in circles to park your car? The good news: Applications come to your rescue when you need parking.

According to Garos, a start-up specializing in carpooling solutions, motorists lose an average of 20 minutes in urban areas. Enough to tear your hair out and increase your carbon footprint.

OPnGO (now Indigo Neo) is one of the most complete apps for parking facility. To benefit from this, registration is mandatory: fill in your email address, your license plate and your bank details.

Indigo Neo (formerly OPnGO)

Then it’s time to play Indigo Neo. All you have to do is tell her where you are going, departure and arrival times and she will recommend nearby places. These can be underground car parks owned by large networks, shared corporate car parks or even hotels. No unpleasant surprises, parking prices are clearly displayed and allow you to benefit from discounts compared to general prices. Have you chosen?

Click on your suitable car park to book the app. Convenient for immediate parking or a week away. Just follow the suggested route to reach your parking space without stress. If you use the service in Paris, Indigo Neo offers “evening” passes at Indigo car parks in the center of the capital, valid from 7pm to midnight (€15) or 7pm to 1am (€1). Download the Indigo Neo app.

The path to the park

Algorithm-based app to predict areas around your location that are open to the public, on the road or in a car park.

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To Know: When you follow the GPS, follow the suggested route. You’ll walk through the small streets of the district, sometimes taking your destination a bit strangely. Download the Path To Park app.

Yes, the park

If you are looking for parking for at least one month, more than 45,000 parking spaces Parking Cars or two-wheelers are provided everywhere in France.

To Know: All pitches are in an underground car park; Some can charge electric vehicles. Download the Yespark app.


This app won’t help you find a spot, but it will save you searching for the nearest parking meter. And this, in more than 1,000 cities. On the screen of your smartphone, indicate the desired duration of parking and check: it’s paid!

to know : An alert will notify you when your parking time expires. It only takes one click to extend it. Download the PayByPhone app.

Zen Park

Hotels, co-owners, companies or private car park operators make certain spaces available to users. You can make significant savings compared to on-street rates.

To Know: Zenpark also operates near train stations and airports in many French cities. Download the Zenpark app.