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Windows 10 Built 20257 is available for download.  What's new?  - Re: Jerusalem

Windows 10 Built 20257 is available for download. What’s new? – Re: Jerusalem

Microsoft has released the new architecture of Windows 10, Built 20257. It brings improvements and bug fixes.

Windows 10 Built 20257 is available with the Windows Insider program. The operating system is provided to users who are registered on the DEV channel. Mainly focused on improvements under the hood. Apparently there are no new features. Focuses on giant stability and performance. We see many bug fixes.

Windows 10 Built 20257, Details

Giant offers solutions to fix many bugs. One of them is preventing the Disk Cleanup utility from completely deleting the Windows.old folder.

The Windows.old folder is created after the Windows 10 system is updated to the latest version. It saves the backup files so that if there is a problem it can be scrolled again. However, you can delete this file to save space and do a little cleaning. Microsoft has found that removing it may not work in some cases.

At the same time, it fixes the bug that causes more CPU usage. Redmond mentioned

“We fixed an issue that could cause unexpected CPU usage. If you continue to experience other performance issues, please take a moment to post comments, including details about the problem mentioned and performance information. “

We are part of the Windows Insider program, especially the DEV channel. This build is not perfect for 20257, so there are known and unedited issues. One of them is complicated. This will freeze the update process for a long time.

Release Notice

Changes and improvements

Based on the feedback, we are updating our tile-themed logic for the Start menu so that the tile background for Win32 applications is not adjusted based on the detected variance ratio, except for the later Microsoft Edge PWAs.

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For sure

We fixed the issue that started by creating 20236 when the secondary driver was inaccessible by installing games from the store on a non-IS secondary drive. The result was the introduction of some applications on previous aircraft, including Microsoft Jigsaw and Microsoft Minesweeper. We fixed an issue with File Explorer having a transparent line on systems with multiple monitors. The titles of the Win32 app were unexpectedly highlighted in the title bar after the driver turned off the high contrast. We fixed an issue that did not completely remove the Windows.old folder from Disk Cleanup. We fixed an issue with resetting your computer and reconnecting your computer with MSA, then your MSA image will never be synced. We fixed an issue that affects Windows Hello Face detection when training the device in a different way. Setting up a kiosk account (reserved access) does not work on the first attempt, only on subsequent attempts. We fixed a stalemate that could lead to unexpected CPU usage. If you continue to experience other performance issues, please comment for a while with details of the problem and performance record mentioned. More information on how to collect a clue if needed can be found here. We fixed an issue recently when some applications were slow to accept keystrokes on text boxes. Fixed an issue where applications’ links could not launch the browser. We fixed a recent flight issue where the audio might stop unexpectedly. We fixed an issue where no audio was heard after some content was streamed. The Bluetooth headset was later turned off and on again. We fixed an issue that could not play some HDR videos recorded with error 0x80004001 on movies and TV.

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Known issues

We are exploring that the upgrade process can take a long time when trying to install a new framework. Live previews for post-made sites are not yet enabled for all insiders, so a gray window may appear as you hover over the thumbnail on the system tray. We are working on implementing a new computer tray experience for existing post-made websites. In the meantime, you can remove the site from the system tray, remove it from the edge: // applications page, and then reassemble the site. We are exploring reports of 0x80070426 error viewing when some users log in to various applications using their Microsoft account. If you enable this, restarting your computer will fix it. We explore an issue in Settings> System> Storage> Disks and Modules where this build does not display any drivers perfectly. To avoid this problem you can manage your disks in the classic disk management tool. We are exploring reports of some screens misrepresenting black text on a dark theme enabled dark background.