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Lidl beats Apple with cheap fake AirPods

Lidl beats Apple with cheap fake AirPods

Especially in these inflationary times, Lidl knows how to please its customers. This sign allows a large number of people to shop without breaking the bank. Additionally, Lidl has developed different product lines over the years. It has become a real reference with devices and equipment at unbeatable prices. For the whole home, Lidl seems to have a solution. Shows the German brand isn’t just about discountingThe specialty of the food. Furniture, appliances, Garden tools And many others! This is exactly what Lidl devotees are looking for in the shelves! Each week, new promotional offers highlight specific seasonal cues. In the summer, of course barbecues and other outdoor accessories are on the rise! But Lidl also knows how to get into technology! The German brand was inspired by the popular AirPods for its Bluetooth headphones.

Lidl competes with Apple with Bluetooth headphones

Lidl is selling a pair of True Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones. Made in the Silver Crest range, these headphones are reminiscent of Apple’s AirPods. In a sleek and relaxed design, Lidl has included a choice between two colours. Depending on your preference, you can choose black or white. These Silvercrest headphones are a Power is about 400 mAh. They are equipped with integrated lithium-polymer batteries. This technology guarantees low emissions combined with constant sound power. This type of battery is less harmful to the environment. Thus you can enjoy almost complete autonomy 4.5 hours of continuous music ! For recharging, nothing could be easier! The wireless charging case returns your Lidl headphones to full battery. The brand claims 4 or 5 charging cycles in this case. Then plug it in for maximum efficiency.

Lidl Bluetooth earphones

Lidl has certainly fitted these in-ear headphones with classic touch technology in this category. It makes it possible to control the volume and manage phone calls with a simple touch-contact. Additionally, these devices are compatible with Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants! So you have full control over your experience and use of these headphones from Lidl. The icing on the cake: this small concentration of technology won’t blow your budget. Lidl sells these True Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones Only 19.99 euros. We are far from the extreme prices of the big brands. This is what you need for your travels and summer activities. You can now listen to your favorite songs with the satisfaction of not spending your money on headphones! This should sound like very sweet music to your ears!