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Diablo II Resurrection: 3D License Remaster Official on PCs and Consoles - News

Diablo II Resurrection: 3D License Remaster Official on PCs and Consoles – News

So Blizzard continues to maintain nostalgia by providing more than 20 years to its era, the new version that players still consider to be the best components. This refurbished version of the popular Hack and Reduce Combining the restoration of the original game and its destruction Lord. In the menu: up to 4K resolution, dynamic lighting, redesigned animations, enhanced spelling effects and 27 minute cutscenes re-created with Shot. Dolby 7.1 supports surround sound for those fitted with the game’s iconic soundtrack.

The arrival of the resurrected Diablo II on the consoles will also have a compatibility Cross platform To protect its progression regardless of your heart machines, but nothing is mentioned about the playing time Cross game. Following the same waves that existed twenty years ago, players can switch freely to the first original experience with modern graphics at any time by pressing the dedicated shortcut. Seven classes will return at that time with Amazon, Barbarian, Necromancer, Paladin and Witch in the main game, as well as Killer and Druid in the expansion. Registrations for the alpha are also being launched on the official website

Finally, to put an end to another rumor that did not really exist, it was Studio Vicarius visions that were displaced and absorbed in the blizzard a few months ago, which is still in progress. Re-creation, With the same simplicity as the revised and adjusted versions of Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2.

Vicarious visions will work in the remake of Diablo II if it is converted to Hurricane Service

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