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"No industrial policy and no employment"

“No industrial policy and no employment”

Download the Professor Document. Luigi Baganetto points out that “new support tools for employment and training and the need for human capital” should be included in the national recovery and recession plan.

In analyzing National Recovery and Recession Program (BNRP), By focusing on resuming employment, Professor Emeritus Luigi Paganetto, Vice President CDP, Highlights “I have not come up with any plan to give an account of how it will be used 12.6 billionForecast, in which approx Reaction EU6, To active labor policies for longevity learning, restructuring and development “. For this reason he advises the Ministry of Economy and Finance to hand over the management of the recovery plan to Tracy. “Use new support tools for employment and training and reclaim human capital”.

“Not bonuses, but offers”

Paganetto also indicates the sectors in which European funds should be invested in:

“Think about the changes that are expected in automated industries, remote control of traffic, smart cities, and remote medicine. Action should be focused on appropriate policies (not bonuses, but incentives) to support these changes. The gap between young innovative companies in the US and Europe, and even more so in Italy, is astounding. ”

Luigi Baganetto’s document “BNRR, Industrial and Labor Policy”

You can read Paganetto’s analysis in the document ‘BNRR, Industrial Policy and Labor‘, 20 as a result of the group’s most recent activities Reviving anemic Europe Economic Foundation – University of Rome Dor Vercata. This is a careful reflection that suppresses the long and open debate about the BNRR, which was formed during the last meetings of the Group of 20 – how to revive anemic Europe.

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This document, shared with key Italian and European corporate executives, benefited from contributions Andrea Bianchi, Patricio Bianchi, Marco Pentivocli, Pavlo Scooter And observations Angelo Iragi, Giampolo Gully, Rainer Masera, Roberto Montucci, Luigi Niccols, Salvador Jacini.