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Savings of original game jobs in Remaster -

Diablo 2: Resurrected, Proven Alpha

When the last blizzard landed in a renovation, things did not go the right way and are placed below 6 reviews Warcraft 3: Revised Even today it hangs like the sword of Tomogils. That product was particularly closed for a year, and on the part of its fans the view of love on the part of the company was not very happy, it was still burned out and Irwin was almost unaccustomed to being protected and defended as the house was managed. Twenty years. Previous ones.

If we add to this a brand of Diablo that is sometimes distorted by a communication that is not very crystal clear, here is a picture drawn slowly before the arrival The technical alpha de Diablo II was resurrected Definitely not good. However, love for The Hague’s Slash King cannot be easily set aside, and although the final judgment is the exclusive prerogative of the future, when a legislator reads Diablo’s name, he can only believe in victory, because that is what attracts the attention of video game history. In short, after the total silence and murmur of 2021, it seems to be one of the years when Blizzard is ready to recover everything starting from the Sanctuary Kingdom, not only restarting from this reorganization with a plan for Diablo but also the best Diablo Immortal and highly anticipated Diablo IV as seen in it.

The beginning you did not expect

Diablo II is remembered as the best Diablo of all because, thanks to the wide variety of buildings it actually has, and the enormous community that still expands its servers today, the memories have become more opaque with minor technical flaws, making them irrelevant. Years.

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What we expected to find in this remaster is, above all, a work that makes Diablo II play like it was created in our memory, with an imaginative process of improving and refining brain function models. The title is hidden in the memoirs. So we enter the game of love after seeing the old blizzard symbol on the screen, and the writing test screen goes back twenty years, facing the temporary selection of sunlight Three classes But with a final line, and then covering everything added with various extensions. If today we can only play with the magician, the Amazon and the Barbarian, in the future the Druid killer and necromancer will be waiting for us on the battlefields, as well as the frightening ballad for a set that wants nothing out of the way.

Diablo II Resurrected: Hate and Love Mix in Bad Cargo Management

The first impact was devastating and wonderful in all of that HD resolution And after playing the primitive one but with a modern cut it is visible and vivid, especially as the character sometimes tries to follow the eight-way movement as Jerky moves. Everything is just where it should be, the fallen ghosts are waiting as we pass the entrance to the camp, and the sound of every footstep landing opens a certain memory drawer and overwhelms us with unstoppable waves of longing. We move some rocks to find some hidden objects, collect gold from defeated enemies, we find our way Minimappa In a complete concert of old and new, in an almost unchanging exaggeration. The thrill of finding the oldest cargo in the least amount of space, as well as weighing every trivial end, is well aware of the possibility of reclaiming the energy to have a new armor bag, even with no prescriptions to collect or discard. Can be dangerous later on. The original concept, which we wanted to be more and less powerful in front of the main demons and their staff, comes back with a unique and vague retro flavor.

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Lighting and Atmosphere So are the best elements of this remaster, the old two-dimensional images now focusing on 3D models with moves and looks, with enviable details of the shield and objects. The comparison with the past seems almost ruthless, with a simple button we activate the legacy mode, which brings this fake veil of tears from our eyes and throws the reality of the facts in front of us. Years have passed and how, the resolution only gives us a shudder in the back: the glamor is still there and the game is the same, the same loot, the same similar enemies, the same noises but the technical side was a while ago and only nostalgia can fully appreciate it.

Diablo II Resurrection: The introduction of the controller is a very nice change
Diablo II Resurrection: The introduction of the controller is a very nice change

If the game system does not change with the carbon copy, the cleaners will never forgive us: there is an opportunity to fully play with the console and meet the requirements on the consoles, which not only is admirable, but also improves the old gaming experience, the more practical implementation of skills and combinations and ensures updated and improved management of bags and belts. The animation field also improves as the characters thanks to the analog stick of three hundred and sixty degrees with the default fluid. In short, those waiting for the resurrected Diablo on the consoles can sleep a rest Control system Very special and it will take advantage of the already established cross-game / shortcut and cross-improvement, which will ensure better gameplay. In short, this new version of the three-day beta old Diablo II has shown to be a real pearl, and we can not wait to try all the promised news, our eyes shining like never before on the already created eight-player multiplayer! A hellish wait to defend ourselves for a few more months.

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Diablo II Resurrected: Eight player mode confirmed, but still remote
Diablo II Resurrected: Eight player mode confirmed, but still remote

What we saw in the revived technical alpha of Diablo II was a hard, respectable and faithful work to the original. We celebrate new character models, reliability of sounds, animations and of course unchanging game structure. Good for the heart and a dive into the past for new generations, which opens up the opportunity to play a historical title, with the same quality, in terms of technology, players tried on their skin in the 2000s. Waiting for a new alpha, the multiplayer will have to dream through its PVP and new eight-player modes to wreak more havoc on the sanctuary grounds.