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WhyNotWin11 (Free) PC – Download CCM

Created at registration time by an independent developer, WhyNotWin11 is a free software program to test compatibility with Windows 11., Microsoft’s next operating system will be released at the end of 2021. Unlike Microsoft’s Health Check tool, WhyNotWin11 provides clear judgment with color coding (green, yellow or red) for each key component, providing only judgment without any explanation. PC (CPU, memory, TMP module, DirectX, etc.). Very easy to use, it starts testing itself automatically when opened: Wait a few seconds. Due to its innovation to upgrade to Windows 11 and Microsoft’s ever-changing hardware requirements, WhyNotWin11 is likely to continue to emerge, so you need to download and test it to see if the situation has changed. Warning. First, WhyNotWin11 is entirely in English, so it requires minimal technical knowledge to encrypt its information. Then, after all, WhyNotWin11 is considered dangerous by many security software, including Windows Defender. This is because it accesses the sensitive components of the computer and the system itself. It is therefore necessary not only to start in administrator mode, but also to agree to bypass the security barrier for it to take effect. Generally, this is a tool provided without any warranty and is reserved for informed users.

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