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Sky Dazn Tim

Why toss toss splash blame on Comcast

Due to technical issues with Comcast Technology Solutions, the company that bought Sky in 2018, Dawson users were unable to enjoy Sunday games aired by the streaming site

Toss out of the game.

Due to technical issues, fans on Sunday, April 11 could not watch the two Sunday matches between Inter-Cochlear and Verona-Lazio. In recent weeks, with 7 exclusive matches and 3 co-exclusive matches, the site that provided the broadcast for the next three seasons, sorry, explains that this issue is caused by an external partner.

Failure of authentication

Inability to access the site to watch the Inter-Cochlear and Verona-Lazio matches, Explains the stage, “Failure of external partner recognition. We are very sorry about what happened during the Inter-Cochlear and Verona-Lazio matches. ” He pointed out On a note to streaming TVAnsa.

Problem with COMCAST

In particular, a company note may have revealed that the problem was caused by Comcast Technology Solutions, the giant that bought Sky in 2018. As previously contacted, we are exploring the issue created by our partner Comcast Technology Solutions (CDS). An impact on DAZN and other European broadcasters, ”explains Streaming TV.

Not the only toss

This obscurity did not bother not only Sky’s direct competitor, Toss, but also Eurosport and WiiPlay. In short, the technical problem was detected at the European level, but Sky subscribers on DOS Channel 209 They had no problems.


Toss knew what had happened and promised to immediately compensate users: “Even if this issue is resolved now and we are aware of the effect this situation has had on the fans above all else, we will provide appropriate compensation, which will be communicated in the coming days, to those who encountered conflicts in the afternoon matches”.

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Kodakans ask for money

However, the guarantees and promises made to the Kodakans in the last few hours were not enough He immediately intervened to ask for a refund. “We ask for an immediate refund in favor of all subscribers due to the inability to use the purchased service. In proportion. “, Wrote the Consumer Association.

Toss and rights to matches

In recent weeks, thanks to Tim’s support, Dawson has won the 1st and 3rd sets in the auction for Serie A TV rights. In practice, for the next three years, the streaming platform will co-exclusively broadcast 7 games and 3 games per match day, for ஒவ்வொரு 840 million per season.