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Come scaricare il green pass su iPhone e Android

How To Download Green Pass On iPhone And Android

Starting this week: Since August 6th The Covit-19 Green Certificate, Popularly known Green bass, Which will require a greater number of social activities. Clarification is pending on the need for long-distance transportation for aircraft and trains and other sectors such as metropolitan transportation, public and private employees and schools. Restaurants and bars indoorsAccess to exhibitions, festivals and conferences; Swimming pools and gyms But also to such cultural places Museums and exhibitions, shows and cultural events o Sports competitions (to attend or participate in), theme and amusement parks.

It is still: Spas, Spas, Cultural, Community and Entertainment Centers (except for children), Sports Rooms, Bingo halls and similar activities, Public competitions. If both the user and the operator do not have verification and control or green pass, the risk is either Fines ranging from 400 to a thousand euros In the third violation on three different days, the exercise will be closed for one to 10 days.

There are many ways Download Green PassTo always make it available and turn its verification into a very quick gesture, compare what we do when sending a loyalty card to a supermarket. The thing to remember is that green pass a QR code Available automatically after thatA tampon failed (In that case it will only be 48 hours), then Recovery from Govt-19 (Valid for six months) or 14 days after the first vaccine dose, Will be renewed after the second (valid for nine months) or will be canceled if not returned within the established period.

This is the easiest channel to get itApplication IO, Developed by PagoPA, will be useful for emerging public services, from paying notices and bills to accessing bonuses and certificates. In that case, after logging in to SPID, it can be easily activated with a series of certification systems, including post-Italian or digital identity card with a digital identity, The green pass will come automatically: There is nothing but a message to show the code directly from the app or to save the image in the phone’s gallery. Done

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Another channelImmune use, Someone used to monitor people’s risk interactions: it works on Android and iPhone like IO processor, and in that case health card and dataauthcode, A code that comes via SMS or email after tampon, vaccination or recovery (in the latter case ASL is associated with contact with general practitioners for a long time to the detriment of those who have the disease).

Another channel is the portal of the site dedicated to the activity Digital Green Certification: In this case, sign in with SPIT, Psy, Health Card or ID card Download the pdf using the code and show where, how you like (or print) and if needed. Some regions offer applications for both Android and iPhone to view your electronic health record (be it with Logio, Salutalogio or Friuli-Venice Giulia FSE): Green certification.

There are third-party but secure services that allow you to save the image of the Green Pass, conveniently in the wallets of operating systems: Govtpass One of them. Other applications, on the other hand, may receive the code with it, for example, faith cards, Stockhardt, Or soon-to-be-paid super-app சதிஸ்பே With nearly two million users in the new cards segment. In both cases Android and iPhone and access to the biometric authentication algorithms or pin can be secured.

In this sense, imagination is essentialDeep integration of Green Pass with other applications and sites. An example? Sport Club, A platform for booking sports lessons and health treatments used by over 500 thousand users on Android and iPhone, allowing sports centers to manage bookings and gateways for their members from the app: from August 6 each club will allow – where necessary – reservation for those with valid Green Pass only, a variety of indoor activities Enforces control over courses and fields. At the same time, all outdoor activities, such as tennis, pedal or various types of outdoor courses, can be managed continuously from the same platform without restrictions.

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In fact, when booking, the user will be asked to share information about the Green Pass expiration, By scanning the corresponding QR code. This app will check the correspondence between the name of the holder of the Green Certificate and the name of the user registered with the Sport Club. You can also load your Green Pass from the app – this is only visible on your phone, regarding privacy – and should always be with you when playing games.

In the end, for those who can’t use any of the systems mentioned now, it’s possible Contact your primary care physician or pharmacista, with health card, to get a print out of the QR code. Verification C19 is a utility used to verify green pass.

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