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DF analysis between 4K and 60fps

DF analysis between 4K and 60fps

After a few daysThe God of War PS5 update has been released, Journalists Digital Foundry Pack a new in-depth video explaining the results they achieved after exploring in detail this update that will improve SIE Santa Monica’s blockbuster on Sony’s next gen console.

The video shared by the TF team summarizes the experiments conducted by the editorial team’s “techno-game” experts and demonstrates the commitment made by the developers of the Sony Santa Monica studios to guarantee their fans a gaming experience on the PS5. Fluently And from Granite stability.

Starting with the same storage files that God of War used as the “stress test” on the PS4, digital foundry reporters noticed a drop in the update rate of screenplays, only on a single cut screen. Of particular interest to the followers of Kratos and Adrias is the clear progress made by the authors following Cory Barlock. Loading positions, This is a happening Dual speed Compared to the previous version which is accessible via backwards compatibility on PS5.

For further study, we can only advise you to read ours 4K a 60fps spec specified in God of War on PS5 Alessandro Bruni signed, with a variety of reviews on the graphic experience provided by the title and the implications of the game provided by this link.

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