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Xbox and Bethesda, Microsoft's exclusive two of the next games - Nerd 4. Life

Xbox and Bethesda, Microsoft’s exclusive two of the next games – Nerd 4. Life

Next Games Who did Bethesda They will be Exclusive of Xbox: Two different insiders have expressed the same opinion about the important acquisition made by Microsoft a few months ago.

Paris, the host of the latest episode of Kinda Funny Podcast, is currently producing, except for Indiana Jones, which was announced last month. Multiple site, Bethesda’s next titles will be exclusive to Xbox.

“You don’t have to spend $ 7.5 billion to buy a publisher and all its development teams and keep things the same,” said Paris, adding that there are no games like Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI and the upcoming Doom in his consideration. They will come out PlayStation.

“When I think about these kinds of topics, that’s it Sony We’ve been doing this for years: we’re talking about the most important triplet, an intellectual property that I can’t play on a competitor’s platform, which is why I buy a PlayStation. “

Paris recalls that Microsoft still has trouble with quality specs, and the Xbox One period was not that smart. Precisely for this reason the company bought Bethesda to own its products and bring them on the list.

“So to say that it will be available first.5 Do not spend 7.5 billion Xbox Game Boss‘, To talk about exclusive storms. No, you say that if users want to play Starfield, Elder Scrolls VI and more, they need to join the Xbox Ecosystem.

Paris resumed his speech on Insider Globil, saying he had shared it in full. The fact that Microsoft is waiting to announce various exclusions may be due to the fact that the acquisition is not yet officially completed.

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