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Waste Emergency, Voss oversees Sosrego landscape: No one unloads here

Denials, the region adjusts the shot, but Cosenza drops here

Croton – Calabria region abandons land use of waste Dangerous Columba area. The mayors ’protest (pictured) had an effect even though it did not completely prevent garbage from coming from other Calabrian provinces. To Ato Croton, who provided the waste section for more than a week Not dangerous Of the same plant, one in Cosenza is now included.

The move was adopted today and replaces the device of the controversial Order 46/2021, which is measured at 95 thousand cubic meters, “subject to further adjustment”, thanks to Columbra’s renewed ability to collect hazardous waste. From now until September 30, the Chovrego plant will receive 600 tons per day, 200 from Croton province and 400 from Cocenza.

The new block, the government clarifies, “refers to the remaining blocks obtained from approvals granted in the past, so it does not promote promotion, expansion or new recognition”. In particular, approximately 15 thousand cubic meters will be available immediately, of which “to complete the construction of the East Coast”, and another 30 thousand cubic meters will be added.

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